What We Do

“Vitalizing Organizations with Enlightened Leaders”
– Enabling executives to become Enlightened Leaders through forward-looking and advanced Tools and Practices –
Traditional approach

– Management development
– Culture/Attitude surveys
– Problem solving
– Executive vs. frontline speak
– Strategic Planning
– Management teams
– Individual training
– Succession planning

Our approach

– Leadership appreciation
– PEACAM surveys
– Option solving
– Inclusive Communication
– Strategic Framing
– Leadership/Enterprise teams
– In-team discovery
– Leadership readiness

Our Approach
Leadership appreciation –

– Clarify your own leadership strengths and talents
– Define your near-term pathway
– Identify positive performance actions

Strategic framing –

– Focuses on organizational opportunities
– Identifies the “Next Wave”
– Clarifies the “picture” of where next

PEACAM survey –

– Identifies level of “Fires lit from within”
– Clarifies strategies to increase “Fires lit from within”
– Makes organizations more responsive

In-Team discovery –

– Increases competence at much lower cost
– Builds in-house experts
– Knowledge retention is much higher

Option solving –

– Brings focus to intuitive thinking
– Enhances quality decision-making at all levels
– Sharpens critical and innovative thinking

Leadership/Enterprise teams –

– Bring a strong opportunity focus
– Are highly attuned to their stakeholders
– Learn how to ride “This” or the “Next Wave”

Inclusive communication-

– Clarifies gaps between executive and frontline speak
– Establishes interpreter panels rather than “sponges”
– Encourages two-way communication vs. one-way

Leadership readiness –

– Builds on current “internal” leadership potential
– Creates talent pool for key assignments
– Develops pool of future leaders

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