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Do you realize that with the latest generation of leadership tools and techniques you can obtain at least 20% greater performance than already planned from your current organization? No downsizing, no furloughs, no squeezing the bottom line, and no hassling of your greatest asset – your people.

Such a performance return would be enough for greater investment, people rewards, and owner return on investment. Just think about how much happier all the stakeholders would be, especially in these recessionary times.

If you have a talented, leadership oriented executive within your organization, we would be willing to share and train him/her (under a licensing arrangement) in an appropriate package of these tools and techniques. Follow-through would also be part of the package to insure the greatest success and payback.

The package could include leadership appreciation sessions, inclusive communication, strategic frameworks, option solving, leadership readiness, enterprise teams, breakthrough teams, and so on. Packages can be tailored to the particular priorities and needs of your organization.

For further information, please contact: Peter A. Arthur-Smith, Founding Principal, Leadership Solutions, Inc®. Tel: 917-912-3829 or email: peter@ileadershipsolutions.com

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