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Modern Age Leadership Research Corporation was founded in 1994 by Peter A. Arthur-Smith, where, after many years successful consulting experience in both Europe and USA, he drew the conclusion that companies, institutions, non-profits and government entities had become over-managed and under-led. By 1996 MALRC had spawned Leadership Solutions, Inc®, which has become its operating arm, whereas MALRC remains as its research arm.

LSI views “management” = systems thinking and “leadership” = people thinking. Systems thinking unchecked becomes bureaucracy and “red-tape,” whereas people thinking is more likely to bring about renewal and “sparkle.” Our love-affair with management tends to kill the golden goose: that enormous talent people bring to their workplace that is then stifled by policies, procedures, controls and compliance…rather like too many regulations that stifle our economy.

Leadership, on the other hand, offers empowering principles, practices, focus and engagement. Coupled with this, LSI has observed how management thinking tends to “light fires under people,” whereas leadership “lights fires within people.”

LSI accepts that management is essential to maintain stability and security, providing that it doesn’t consume the culture of an organization.

Management, however, needs to be off-set and balanced by leadership, in the form of vision and orchestration: rather than remain with our traditional approach of “planning for and driving” our enterprises. With the right balance, organizations can be effectively sustained and thrive.

LSI has now arrived at the point where it can enable executives and up-and-comers to discover how to become Enlightened Leaders.

Since leadership is not a “cookie-cutter” activity – it is as varied as all the different personalities that are thrust into people-responsible positions -, LSI has developed an array of concepts, tools and practices for people leaders to utilize. With these, they will discover what it feels like to be a true leader and their new found practices will then complement their current management skills and training.

Below you will find some of these key leadership concepts and tools, compared with their much more familiar management counterparts, which will enable practitioners to become Remarkable Leaders. We need many more Remarkable Leaders to take our enterprises and economies forward into the 21st Century , such that they will grow and prosper like never before.

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